This site is for all the interesting stuff that is going on in the world to day, at least in my opinion. Here I will post latest updates of my projects, that have one thing in common, something that I have designed and made. Some are really useless and stupid while others just look nice, and than hopefully some projects that are useful and can help me make something with it, like some CNC tools and UAV’s.
Here I will also cover new subjects related to engineering, science, manufacturing, design , softwares, CAD, CAE, CAM, CNC,  UAV, RC and many more.
At last but not least I really hope this site can help others in similiar projects like mine. Please comment and ask for help or just to let me know if you find anything useful/helpful on my webpage.
Little bit about myself.

My name is Tryggvi Stefánsson and I live in Iceland.
I am currently working at a Héðinn that is metal workshop and also services, Rolls royce ships. I work there as an Engineer, graduated as a B.Sc in Mecahnical enginering 2010 from University of Iceland.




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