This pages wil show my latest succes in designing and flying the quadrocopter. A lot of pictures from successfull builds to hoorible crashes.


My first build had a very short live, in my very first takeoff some serious mistakes were made that ended in a great crash.
Here is how my first design (VeSEn Q1) looked like before first take off


-Picture coming soon-


And and after takeoff.


-Picture coming soon-



This first crash was something to learn from and having the transmitter not calibrated as it should have been was one of the reasons and also  my lack of experiance in RC flying that caused some panic.
Having said that I started to make a new frame, everything else except for all the props survived the crash. This took me few hours and than I started again, now I decidet to be smart and made the copter heavier with everything correctly set up I made my first succsecsfull flight, did go up to 5m and almost crashed a car, but the helicopter sustained no injuries.

Here are some pictures of my VeSEn Q2, as I prefer to call it .


My newest Quadrocopter

My newest Quadrocopter, has not been tested yet.


















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