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Here I will be posting my latest process in the CNC-router build.

To begin with I wanted to show the development of my router. Here are some pictures from my first steps of design.


My first design of the z-axis
My first design of the z-axis


New impeoved design on z-axis
New impeoved design on z-axis


Old design
The dremel tool in place showing the size of my router table compered to human.


Since this started as a school project at my university I decidet to start the build altough design was far from being finished. This was only to be able to show something functional at my final report on the project. So first of  all I ordered all electronics from Probotix and started to weld and assembly the router. My friend TIG welded the main frame together. Other parts where watercutted at Hedinn. Here are some photos of the build and from the assembling and testing of the electronics.


the motors, brekout bord, drivers and power supply awaiting to be assembled
The motors, brekout bord, drivers, reylay board and power supply awaiting to be assembled


All electronics functioning
All electronics connected and functioning as planned




First frame design complete
First frame design complete


Only few days to the final presentation my router was functioning as planned. It was kind of surprise because there where no major problems, isn’t that always the case?


My first prototype running, added pen to dram the lines
My first prototype running, added pen to dram the lines

Here you can see the prototype working:


Allright now I did tear it to pieces and to keep on the design where I left off.

Better design

Design getting better

So finally I was getting confident that my design would work. Here are some pictures I rendered from my final designs. New fram was design and the longes travel axis, wich I call the X-axis was changed. Also the Z-axis, the vertical one was designed. The X-axis was made longer.

Finally here is the stage where I am at now. The build is well under its way and I am waiting for the parts to be watercutted at Héðinn, (Where I currently work now.)



Latest design

Designing almost finished, added new plate with my Routers name on it, VESEN. This plate will support the cable carrier.


Closer look at my Z and Y-axis

Closer look at my Z and Y-axis


Now to see where the build is here are some picture of my frame.









I know the linear movements for the X-axis has one major weekness when machining something really hard. They would bend a little, this could be avoided tough with some measures but I wont fix this know. I think this will only be an issue when machining aluminum or similar material.


Some facts about my router:

Cutting area: 1080 x 424 x 147 (mm)
Cost: approx. 2000$
Material to be able to cut: Wood, plastic and hopefully aluminum
Motors: Nema 23 Bi-polar stepper motors 260 Oz/In (Will be upgradet to more powerfull motors in the future)
stepper driver:   8 microstepping resolution (Would like to have better resolution)
Brekout board: Isolated, possible to add the fourth axis
X-axis: Belt driven
Y-axis: Ball screw driven
Z-axis: Ball screw driven
Made from steel and aluminum
Designed using Autodesk Inventor
Controller will be EMC2
CAM software I will use is BOBCad
My spindle will be Dremel 4000 to begin with




2 Comments on “CNC Router”

  1. Sandro says:

    I like your machine very much.

    What is diameter of x and y axis linear guides?
    Is there any flex in them?

    Keep up!

    • tryggvi says:

      Thank you! The diameter of the X-axis linear shaft/bearing is 25mm over a span of about 1,2m. THe Y-axis linear shaft/bearing is 20mm and a span about 400mm. I have not had any problems with flexing as of now but. The hardest material I have cutted so far is carbon fiber. I just remove very little material in each step. If I would have had the money I would have bought different linear bearings, I found those bearings to be the cheapest option.

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