New CAM software – BobCAD/CAM

Did purchase the Bobcad V24 pro and with it Bobart pro. This bundle cost a lot of money, but most CAM bundles do cost a lot. This software has many options and quite advanced toolpath compered to the low end softwares like Mesh-cam and Cut 3D.¬† Those where some of the software’s I did try out, I did try all CAM software’s I could find and BobCAD seemed to be the best buy for the money, given that it will do what is promised.

Screenshot from my new Bobcad

Screenshot from my new Bobcad of a toolpath I made

Above you can see a screenshot I made this weekend, making toolpaths for a part that is for my quadrocopter.
I think I have to live on a noodle soup  for the rest of the month, so lets hope the software is worth it.

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