Router project update – New stepper motor controller and spindle

It´s been awhile since my last post here but I have been busy last months on setting up my router, installing new spindle and another motor controller. I did fry my old stepper motor controllers due to the fact that I don´t  know to much about electricity. I did put a switch on the dc site of the power supply that caused my breakout board to fry with smoke and everything. I therefore purchased a Gecko G540 wich I must say I really like, very simple easy and reliable and it reduces all the wiring and therefore reduces the changes of messing something up

Gecko G540

This is my new controller, Gecko G540. Very easy to install and has a lot of in and out puts both to control the spindle speed wich I will do someday and also has inputs for limit switches and emergency switch. The micro stepping resolution is 10.

Now I am using a Ridgid spindle wich works very well. The speed range is 20.000 to 30.000 RPM but it would have been nice to have slover speeds also avilable. This works fine tough with all material that I have cut except plexi.

My Ridgit spindle and the mount for it.

My Ridgit spindle and the mount for it.

I have to shield the lower bearing from debris from the spindle, For now I am using duct tape as a permanent solution. I also did purchase more spindle bits from trend ranging from 1,5mm in diameter to 3,2mm bot spiral and straight cut.
It took me awhile to get the right travel on the x-axis due to the fact that the axis is belt driven and I had to find the right tension to get good results, now the accuracy is 0,1mm wich I am happy with for now. Later on I will redesign this axis and put on a lower gear ratio for more accurate resaults.

I have also added limit switches on all axes and they are also my home switches. Here you can see the limit switch installation on the Z-axis.

This is my limit/home switch on my Z-axis.

And below you can see my first piece that I made after improvements.

This is the first piece I made after the improvements, the Batman logo


And finally a picture of me.

Me working in EMC2

I am now making parts for my quadrocopter so stay tuned for more to come.





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